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Now you see again ...

... your meeting notes, contracts, reference materials and computer clearly. Choose from all these categories to find the most suitable Cheaters Reading Glasses for you:

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We stock a variety of fashionable, optical quality reading glasses. There is sure to be a pair that works for you.

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Cheaters offers a much better choice of Reading Glasses ...

... ophthalmic-quality lenses and a broad, beautiful selection of frames for substantially less than you'd spend through your eye-care professional.

For anyone having to contend with age-related vision problems and who wants to look good while reading the small type of life, Cheaters Reading Glasses is the place for you.

Bifocal Computer Reading GlassesOnce you hit your forties the effects of presbyopia start to become evident and you notice it is harder to comfortably read the newspaper, stock tables, the "fine print" on contracts, or worse, medicine bottles; in other words, just about everything.

Cheaters can help with this little "inconvenience". We carry a variety of highly functional, yet stylish women's reading glasses and men's reading glasses, compact folding glasses, work glasses for business and the trades, bifocal sunglasses, clear bifocals, and special Computer Reading Glasses with progressive lenses.

Computer Reading Glasses

Cheaters MV Style S2Be sure and check out our unique Computer Reading Glasses with Progressive lenses. One of our very best sellers, these glasses address a huge problem ... being able to see source documents or a keyboard clearly and also having your desktop monitor in focus at the same time. Two glasses in one frame that you won't believe until you try them.
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Would you like to wear reading glasses that don't look like reading glasses? Check out the various styles here in our ONLINE STORE.

If you like what you see in our store, please tell your friends. They'll be happy you did. Just remember ... Friends don't let friends wear "drugstore" readers!

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Power-Dot Bifocal Reading Glasses

Do you do public speaking, or conduct sales presentations or training sessions? Do you have a big ol' pair of readers perched on the end of your nose. If the answer is yes, then you're a candidate for the Power-Dot bifocal. You can see your notes clearly through the bifocal and you can see your audience through the clear, upper portion of the lens; all in a pair of reading glasses that look like prescription eyewear. You’ll look normal again and your audience can concentrate on what you’re saying instead of how you look.
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In business since the turn of the century, Cheaters Reading Glasses has been supplying thousands of customers with fashionable Readers. We take pride in our customer service as evidenced by our repeat business. Once you purchase from us you won't settle for anything else. Come to Cheaters and you'll see!

Bifocal Sunglass Readers

Cheaters MARSProbably one of the most practical and useful items are our bifocal sunglasses. Layering is a good thing in clothing, but not so good when it comes to eyeglasses. Sitting on the beach with your Readers layered over your sunglasses is not cool. Solve that problem and regain your cool with a pair of these glasses. And when the vacation is over and you've finished that novel, you can take them home and use them while driving, or window shopping.
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